What do you want from life?

Do you let life get in the way of living!

Sal believes every person can truly achieve anything they want in life, as stated in his book;

“What do you want to achieve in your life: money, fame, time, or power? The secret to success is simple. The question you need to answer; “What are you willing to give up to achieve success?” You cannot achieve success if you are not willing to give something up, such as time, sleep, money, sport activities, and so on. Everything comes at a cost. Once you have made that choice and commitment to your goals, you can start to work on reaching your goals. Set small achievable steps, as there will be obstacles along the way that you must overcome.”

Over the past decade Dr. Sal Ferraro made a life changing decision, to help others achieve their goals and aspirations. Over this time Sal has been studying to become a college professor, motorcycle coach, ski instructor and a life coach.

Attending college at night for the past 25 years, Sal has earned four degrees and one certificate.

University Phoenix, Phoenix AZ
Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership / Specialization in Information Systems and Technology

University Phoenix, Phoenix AZ
Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Montclair State University, Montclair NJ
Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

Waterbury State Technical College, Waterbury, CT
Associate of Science in Quality Assurance

Computer Processing Institute, Paramus, NJ
Electronic Technology Certification

College Professor:
Sal started teaching college in 2007 and has seen over 600 students pass through his classes. He is currently teaching at two local colleges as an adjunct professor.

Motorcycle Coach:
Sal became a motorcycle coach in 2008, helping other achieve their dream of riding. Contact me about private lessons.

Sal has been married to his wife for over 29 years. Has two children; one has graduated from college the other is a senior in college, graduating in 2014.

Sal has several passions; the two he is most passionate about are skiing and riding motorcycles. He has incorporated these two hobbies into teaching and sharing his passion with others. For his 50th birthday, Sal spent the day Heli skiing at Whistler Resort. Sal enjoys riding his motorcycle on long trips around the country; he also relishes taking his motorcycle on the track, to practice racing (known as track days).

Heli-Skiing at Whistler, Canada 2012 Track day at Pocono Raceway 2007